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Our Program

The St George’s program and halfway house environment is specifically constructed with the singular objective of affording the recovering individual the structure, discipline and support to begin their new way of life outside the confides of primary rehabilitation.

The program lessons and counselling is structured in a format that accommodates both employed and unemployed individuals, with lessons, groups and individual sessions running during the day and in the evening. St Georges understands the importance of continuity in an individual’s early recovery and will assure this momentum is not lost due to a resident’s day time employment

All residents will undergo an I.R.P (Individualised reintegration plan) assessment on arrival. This allows not just the individual but the team working with the person a clear portrait of the way forward. The benefits and expected outcomes of Individualised reintegration plan includes.

  • An individual’s goals (both long and short term)
  • A clear understanding of ones strengths and weaknesses.
  • The step-work process (based on the AA 12 step program)
  • The state of your personal relationships, which are vital in recovery.
  • Any personal issue or topic pertinent to the individual.
  • Personal monitoring of successes and challenges.
  • Documenting all CV’s mailed, feedback and follow up on employment.

The intended goal of the I.R.P is to empower the resident, to enable them to visualise the process they are in, adjust behaviour and make changes that are conducive to recovery and their new way of living. An I.R.P is the “pulse” of a resident’s reintegration to sober living and allows their support structure to hold them accountable on all levels of their recovery, taking into consideration that each person has their own needs and challenges.

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