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Daily Activities

Daily activities at the recovery home (for home bound residents, which are dependent on the recovery theme of the week) will include

  • Household chores.
  • Lessons specific to recovery and the step work process e.g. understanding the steps and topics ranging from forgiveness to co-dependency
  • Lectures ranging from communication skills to CV compiling as well as topics pertaining to real world issues such as rejection and stress management.
  • Health and Fitness: St George has a basic weight training and cardio equipment (spinning bikes and treadmills) gym which residents are required to use on a daily basis.
  • Community projects: St George understands the value to the residents’ when “giving back” by voluntarily giving of their time to assist community charities and institutions without expecting anything in return. St George’s has relationships with various charities and children’s homes where residents can volunteer their time.  


Employment and Sober Living

It is important to note that finding employment is paramount to one’s reintegration process and emphasis is placed on this while the individual is a resident of the home. Care is taken under council to assist in finding appropriate employment for the individual where their experience and qualifications would be the most appropriate fit. The personal needs of the individual and a suitable work environment, which would not endanger them and their sober living is paramount. The plan is to put the person in good stead to improve their circumstances and build a financial support structure that will help to maintain a sober living infrastructure for themselves, family and friends for the rest of their lives. All work related matters are recorded during the I.R.P as mentioned above.

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