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Jean-Pierre Giammello


As I grew up I thought that I was different from my peers and never quite seem to fit in with my friends and it mostly came from my own head with thought that I am not good enough and that I will be able to succeed in life. So trough my school career I the child who was always teased about my weight and surface level imperfections. At a stage I was even suicidal thinking to myself why life is so cruel to me. When I was about sixteen I started to experiment with mood altering drugs and it was a way for me to escape from my problems and I found that I could fit in with a certain group of people and this gave me a sense of belonging and purpose . I finished high school and still continued to smoke weed and embraced the whole lifestyle that comes with it but after some time the effect of the substance did not have such a great effect on my emotional wellbeing and trough the wrong friends and impulsive decisions I started to experimenting with harder drugs and found that it has a more intense affect and changes my mood entirely making it all seem okay and gave me a better personality , so I thought at that time I could not see the damage I was doing to myself and falling deeper down the rabbit hole of addiction and not even paying attention to the warning signs that was clearly visible if I think back now . In the end addiction brought me to my knees seeking help from the deaf defying grips of what I thought was the greatest thing ever. I went into a long term rehabilitation centre were at first I was very angry with my family and how could they do this to me. But as time went by I found God again and built on my relationship with him and putting to bed all the hate and anger I had for him , through my time at Healing wings I went trough the 12 steps and it took me on an emotional inward journey to find out who I really am and I was quite surprised that I had so many underlying issue causing me so much grief and discomfort , day by day I worked the steps and faced my childhood demons and forgiven those who have wronged me and I asked those to forgive me whom I have wronged after my stay at Healing Wings I found refuge and a safe place called St. Georges where I am able to find my bearings in life once again as a recovering addict wanting to go back into society and forming healthy and Godley relationships . Here at St. Georges I have the ability to find my own identity and what works for me. My family here at St. Georges help me through my daily struggles and shortcomings giving me guidance on how to secure a happy and sober lifestyle. We have a lot of fun here and it is a close knit community with the ability to address the concerns in each individual’s life and help to find solutions to conquer these short comings. The staff at St. Georges truly have each individual best interests at heart and I am truly grateful for having such honourable role models to guide me back into living a normal life .

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