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About us

St George’s Halfway House and reintegration home was founded in November 2016 by Jody and Bronwyn Van Jaarsveldt. A couple with ten and eleven years of sobriety respectively, they founded the home to help and guide people whom have completed their time at a Primary Rehab centre and now find themselves at the most vulnerable stage on the road to a Sober-Living lifestyle. The couple, themselves counsellors with extensive first-hand knowledge and experience manage all aspects of the home’s reintegration program. In conjunction with a qualified team who are richly experienced and dedicated, they help guide and equip the individuals at this crucial juncture in their lives with the tools and coping mechanisms to remain sober while dealing with the everyday trials and tribulations that everyday life deals all of us. This is done with compassion and understanding, guided by Christian morals and values.

Our people and our purpose

The counsellors and staff at St George’s are a committed group of individuals whose passion and purpose it is to direct and support persons in early recovery. With decades of experience in the rehabilitation field our skilled staff are extremely passionate people who have vested their life’s work into helping recovering addicts who have had their lives, relationships and their families’ torn apart by the devastating effects of substance addiction. Our singular purpose at St George’s Halfway House is to assist and provide guidance to our residents to “find their lives again” and adapt to a sober-living lifestyle by reinforcing the mechanisms they were equipped with during their time in primary rehab and preparing them for the road ahead.

Our credentials and affiliations

As a member of the Healing Wings family, St Georges is proud to extend the primary care treatment that the Healing Wings Rehab centre provides into a reintegration platform under the guidance of the Department of Social Development, and Department of Environmental Health. With having the benefit of being under the umbrella of the top long term rehabilitation centre in South Africa, allows St George’s the privilege of accessibility to further qualified councillors, social workers and processes.

Community & Charity Affiliations

Service to others, is one of the pillars in recovery and something we at St George’s halfway house are passionate about. Management of the home encourages residents to give of their time and energy to orphanages, homes for abused women and even animal shelters through our covering church, Bethel house of God.  

St George prides itself on being an active member of the community and possesses a good working relationship with police stations in the area. Residents are encouraged to speak at schools, help educate and engage with youth along with the SAPS in schools and churches.  

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